Darcy Rose Byrnes was born and raised in the bosom of the almighty media machine. Her first professional job at 9 months old (Singing Babies) led to her being featured on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2001! She is known for her roles as Abby Carlton on Y&R and Penny Scavo on Desperate Housewives. She is the speaking and singing voices of 'Princess Amber' on Sofia the First and 'Maricela' in Spirit Riding Free, as well as the voice of 'Ikki' in Legend of Korra. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Darcy Rose writes for piano, voice, guitar and ukulele.You can hear her music on BIG SHOT for Disney+ where she also plays 'Harper' a driven student journalist. She performs her musical stand-up at comedy clubs around LA. After spending nearly a decade singing songs scripted for her or by her, Darcy Rose has made the jump to the unscripted. She is thrilled to be performing with her musical improv Mess Hall Team, Power Play, at UCB's Inner sanctum.